Hello, there...

I'm Bruna!

I guess I need to talk a little about me as well, but before, let me thank you for being here. It is truly exciting to have someone like you trusting me with your time and memories.


Fact 1

I'm married to a wonderful man, and he is the best gift the Lord could have ever given me. He is also the reason I live in Indiana.


Fact 2

I'm obsessed with my dogs and so is my husband. Sometimes I think he likes our fur babies more than he likes me (I talk back).


Fact 3

I was born and raised in Minas Gerais, Brazil. So, If I say "uai" out of nowhere please don't mind me.


Fact 4

Coffee, jiu-jitsu and Jesus are three things that describe a big part of my life. They make sense together, I can prove it.